You want to feel serene and joyful...

but you have no clue where to begin or what you have tried did not bring you those feelings.

  • Have you ever felt LIFE IS UNFAIR?

  • Do you suffer from DEPRESSION?

  • Are you confused about THE MEANING OF LIFE?

  • Are you sick of being SAD?

  • Have you been struggling with ANGER?

You deserve to:






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Seven Steps To Joy

Go from struggling to thriving by focusing on 7 inner abilities YOU ALREADY HAVE!

The Seven Steps To Joy course not only teaches you how to embark on your own unique spiritual journey by tapping into 7 inner abilities you already own, but also helps you to recognize and dissipate your resistance to each and every obstacle you might encounter.

By applying these 7 principles you'll:

  • Liberate yourself from constant worry and fear.

  • Reject the power of judgment and condemnation, from others or from yourself.

  • Quiet all the negative noise in your mind so you can hear and respond to your true inner voice.

  • Learn how to elevate your life so that when challenges arise they might shake you but never uproot or devastate you.

  • Find renewed joy, know and embrace your life purpose, appreciate everything within and around you.

  • Reframe your beliefs and achieve your own personal balance and power to impact all departments of your life.

  • Recognize and dissipate those resistances that held you back from stepping into the real YOU.

  • React to life’s inevitable challenges and trials with wisdom and grace.

Each module is designed to explain and lead you through each step you need to take to learn and develop the seven inner abilities.

The course offers you the opportunity to turn this earthly journey from where you simply grow old to one where you finally grow up!

What others are saying...

“I whole-heartedly believe that Seven Steps To Joy is an invaluable gift to humanity that will indeed change many lives, undoubtedly liberate many hearts, and greatly contribute to raising the collective consciousness for a long time to come.” Malaika Eastman


"Antonella Lo Re’s new book brings hope, light and respect to the reader, by offering a deeper approach to living fully in the now and a thoughtful method to tap into the personal power we all possess to experience this seemingly elusive concept called JOY.”

Meet Antonella - your guide for this journey.

You are probably on this page expecting to read that I got awards, that I am an internationally acclaimed author of dozens of books. But it isn’t true, or not all true, YET.

What it is true is that I have written dozens of unpublished books, and I have dreamed hundreds of books and scripts and never put them on paper. That is, until I understood that it was about time to awaken my soul, to stop the lie, and to live authentically. That included having the courage to observe myself deep inside and uncover my truth.

Before you stop reading…we do have a lot in common. Yes, me and you.

I had many sleepless nights, painful days, grief, events, and people I had to work hard to forgive. Then, to work a little not to forget. Sound familiar? Yes, I walked the talk.

In 2017, my terminally ill husband made me promise to live with courage and to the fullest, to pursue whatever calling I was here for.

My first book was published: Seven Steps To Joy. This book was the result of my determination to find the way to live a happier, more serene life. I spent many years of start and stop in the path of awareness.

It was that determination that revealed to me those inner abilities I share now with you — abilities we all need to find to live life as a gift, appreciating what we want and even what we resist to accept.

I share with you bits of my story as well as what I have learned so far while suggesting valuable resources you could tap into to find a renewed sense of balance that will hold you even when you feel that life wants to uproot you.

Every moment of everyday passes whether you participate or not, make it count. Choose to grow up and not only old!

The Seven Steps to Joy course is PERFECT for you if:

  • You want to improve your life and your well being.

  • You want to experience more serenity and joy.

  • You want to relate better with more positive people and experiences.

  • You want to embrace change over comfort.

  • You are willing to work on your resistance.

  • You are ready to be honest with yourself.

What others are saying...

"Among the many self-help and inspirational books that have flooded the market, Seven Steps to Joy really stands out from the crowd. It presents the author's premise in a reader-friendly style and offers viable examples to help the reader learn how joy is a reachable goal, despite the many pitfalls of life. As a grieving parent, I found this book shedding a much-needed light on a new path." - Verified Amazon review

After you'll finish this course you will:

  • Stop blaming yourself and spend your energy on positive things.

  • Learn to love yourself and the others unconditionally.

  • Find your balance and your way to live the life you always wanted.

  • Appreciate and leverage the time gifted to you.

  • Live your life full of joy with meaning.

  • Value people around you and attract those who can inspire and propel you.

  • Live a  judgment-free life (a heavy burden to carry along).

  • Be connected with your inner-self (the best soul navigator!).

  • Become more intuitive and energized.